Tripura Location Map

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If you have a doubt such as where is Tripura then you can easily get your query cleared by getting a Tripura location map. Tripura is an Indian state situated in the northeast region. The Tripura location map in India shows that Bangladesh is present in the west, north, and south while Mizoram and Assam states border the east of Tripura.

The location map of Tripura depicts the area covered by the state to be around 10,491 square kilometers. The region between north and south in Tripura has mountains and valleys while the west side has flat plains. The Tripura location map has the location of the state from 22.56′ north to 24.32′ north and 91.09′ east to 92.20′ east.

The location map would also inform that the Dhalai, Manu, Khowai, Longan and Juri are the rivers that flow from Tripura hills to Bangladesh towards the north while Feni and Muhuri rivers flow towards the southwest direction. The map would also show the various locations of the 4 districts and the level of connectivity that each district share with the other. It also has loads of information about the various modes of transport that keeps the state well connected to other prominent locations.

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