Map of Uttar Pradesh

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The location of Uttar Pradesh can be easily found with the help of Uttar Pradesh map. This state is located in the northern part of India. The capital of the state is Lucknow. The state of Uttar Pradesh was founded on 1 April 1937. Evident from the map of Uttar Pradesh, it is obvious that Uttar Pradesh is spread over a vast area. It is the 5th largest state in India. Hindi is the official language of the state.

The Uttar Pradesh road map gives the estimation that Uttar Pradesh owns 42 national highways constituting a total length of 4,942 km. According to the Uttar Pradesh district map, the total number of districts in the state is 72. Some of the major crops cultivated in Uttar Pradesh are mango, rice, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes. Places of interest in the Uttar Pradesh map with cities are Mathura, Allahabad, Varanasi and Ayodhya.

As per the statistics in the Uttar Pradesh railway map, the state has the largest and most established railway network in India. The Shatabdi express is the second fastest train running across the state from New Delhi to Lucknow. From the India Uttar Pradesh map numerous places of interest can be found. Uttar Pradesh is one amongst the most populous state in India. It is a mixed blend of commercial and historical significance.

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