Map of Bihar

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Bihar map states that it is located at the eastern part of India. It is the twelfth largest state and also ranks third in population. Also one can come to know through maps of Bihar that it is situated between the West Bengal in the east, Nepal in the north, Jharkhand in the south and Uttar Pradesh in the west.

Also the Bihar district map would tell you that the entire region is divided in to divisions that are 9 in number and districts that are 37 in number. Bihar tourism map shows that the place is a prominent and well known centre for religious locations to cater to the interests of Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

This enables about 6,000,000 tourists to visit the place every year. One will also know through the Bihar map India that it houses well known and prominent universities namely Vikramasila University and Nalanda University. Also these maps of Bihar offer a clear cut view on the location of this state which is divided in to two by River Ganges.

The political map of Bihar shows that it is located in between 83 degree to 88 degree longitude. One can have a clear cut idea with the road map of Bihar as it clearly shows that the entire state’s network of roads.

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