Kerala Location Map

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If you are wondering where is Kerala while undertaking a trip to this state, you can find the answer easily through the location map which would help you to know that Kerala is a state located at the Malabar Coast on the southwest region of India. The Kerala location map in India shows that it is surrounded by the northeast and north by the state of Karnataka, to the south and east by Tamil Nadu and to the west by the Laccadive Sea.

The Kerala location map indicates that the state lies between 8’18’ north to 12’48’ north latitude and 74’52’ east to 77’22’ east longitudes. The location map of Kerala has the eastern highlands, the central midlands and the western lowlands as the three distinct regions of the state. The location of Kerala can be found using a map, with much ease. Around 9400 square kilometers area is covered under deciduous forest trees. The state is well connected by airways, roadways, and railways which can be checked in the location map of Kerala. The map will also depict that this God’s own country is located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats that makes it very beautiful and also makes it a place filled with scenic beauty.

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