Sikkim Location Map

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If you are not sure about where is Sikkim then knowing the location of Sikkim is very essential before traveling to that place for the first time. The Sikkim location map in India denotes that it is surrounded to the west by Nepal, to the east and north by China’s Tibet autonomous region, to the southeast by Bhutan and to the south by West Bengal.

One can find that the Sikkim is a state situated in the Himalayan Mountains in India. The location of Sikkim covers an area of 7096 square kilometers with Gangtok as its capital. The Sikkim location map shows that the eastern, western and northern borders of the state are covered by the Himalayas.

The location map of Sikkim would also let one know about the 28 mountains, 80 glaciers and 227 lakes which include Gurudongmar, Tsongmo, and Khecheopalri lakes. This state contains five main hot springs and a hundred streams and rivers. The map will also help one to know about the various natural resources this place is abundant in and the well-knit transport system connected by the Sikkim’s railway system and the road transport available in the state that makes it highly accessible from various destinations of India.