Meghalaya State Map

Meghalaya, the place of amazing beauty is a treat to one’s eye that it makes a person to have a dumbstruck look with the bounds of natural beauty it has to offer. With Mother Nature to her aid, this place is a scenic beauty with lots of rain fall, virgin forests, bright sun shine, crystal clear running rivers, cascading waterfalls, beautiful plateaus, meandering streams, sky scraping hilly regions and hospitable residents. One can learn through the Meghalaya Maps that the location of this state is in the sun Himalayan region on the eastern side.

This autonomous state has a credit of having marked the start of the era of geo political nature which made it successful in the political front. Being highly dominant in agriculture, it leads in producing crops such as banana, pine apple, maize, rice and potato. The GDP of this state is over $2.0 billion. The Cities in Meghalaya are well connected with various roadways and railways that any one from any part of the country can reach this destination easily. The capital city called Shillong is also a popular tourist destination. It is well known for its natural beauty such as waterfalls, pine grooves, brooks and gardens.

Most travelers unanimously opine one factor about Meghalaya which is its climate. The climate of this region is temperate that has an influence over the monsoons and the winds swaying from the North. The spring, autumn and winter season are also much enjoyable. The monsoon season sees a good amount of rainfall and the maximum is recorded in the southern part of Khasi hills. This part also has the popularity of receiving the highest rainfall in the world. It is ideal for vacationers to visit this place by autumn, summer or the spring.

History of Meghalaya states that the languages such as English, Garo, Pnar and Khasi were introduced as official languages and that the Christian missionaries took the initiative to make English as the official language. The facts about Meghalaya would tell one that the total literacy rate in this region is 62.6% and the density of the population is about 103 per sq. km. Also the origin of the people of this region is Austric and tibeto Burman in nature. The seven districts in Meghalaya are the habitat for various tribal populations who have string roots in the area right from its establishment. The Deputy Commissioner is in charge of every district.

Meghalaya Map

Facts About Meghalaya
Area 22,429 km2
Capital Shillong
Languages Khasi, Pnar, Garo, Hindi, English
Literacy 75.84%
Population 2,964,007
Largest City Shillong

List of all Districts in Meghalaya

Code District Headquarters Population (2011) Area (km2)
EG East Garo Hills Williamnagar 247,555 2,603
EK East Khasi Hills Shillong 660,994 2,752
JH Jaintia Hills Jowai 295,692 3,819
RB Ri Bhoi Nongpoh 192,795 2,378
SG South Garo Hills Baghmara 99,105 1,850
WG West Garo Hills Tura 515,813 3,714
WK West Khasi Hills Nongstoin 294,115 5,247