Map of Kerala

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The map of Kerala shows that Kerala is located in the south-west of India. Kerala was formed on 1st Nov 1956. The Kerala map was founded by reorganizing all the Malayalam speaking regions in India. 

The capital of Kerala is Thiruvanthapuram. Kochi and Kozhikode are two significant cities to be marked in the Kerala map with cities. Kerala is also known as “the cleanest state” in India. The major language of communication is Malayalam. Over 96% of the people speak Malayalam.

Pepper and rubber are some of the major things produced in the state. Other than this coconut, tea, coffee, cashew are also among the major agricultural output. Also, one can learn from the Kerala tour map that the state occupies 590km of the coastal belt due to which a majority of the population is dependent on fisheries. We will also find from the Kerala road map that it has 145,704 km of roads, constituting 4.2% of India’s total roadways. Backwater beaches and ayurvedic tourism are the hotspots according to the Kerala tourism map. It is also understood from the Kerala railway map that almost all the cities are well interconnected to ease transportation.

Kerala is known to be one among the “50 must-see destinations” and also called a living paradise amongst the ten paradises throughout the world. The state of Kerala is a great combination of culture and comfort which one should never miss in their lifetime.