Map of Delhi

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Delhi map shows the exact location of the second largest metropolis city that is also the capital of India. This third largest city in India is located at the start of the Northern part of India. The map of New Delhi shows that this city is divided in to two major parts such as Old Delhi and New Delhi.

In the New Delhi map, one can find that there are a number of mosques, forts and monuments such as Red Fort and jama Masjid. The New Delhi attracts major tourists as the Delhi tourist map shows that it is filled with lot of parks, buildings such as Parliament House, Qutb Minar, Old Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and India Gate. One can also find that there are nine districts with 3 sub districts with the help of Delhi city map.

You will be amazed that there is well established connectivity such as well knit network of railways and road ways. These inter connected roads and highways are the best option to reach a place in a jiffy along with the help obtained using New Delhi map road. With a Delhi road map in hand one can never get lost in this busy city. This can be easily obtained either at shops or through online.