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Ladakh is actually a large area forming part of Kashmir. This place is almost a desert but a colder one. If you are wondering where is Ladakh look for 34.10 degrees North Latitude, and 77.34 degrees East Longitude. Those are its approximate co-ordinates on India’s map.  Physically, ladakh lies between the Himalayan mountains towards its south and Kunlun mountains on its north. The place is a harsh terrain especially in winters. However, there is some exceptional tranquility that is unmatched which is the reason Ladakh travel needs to be included in the itinerary. Water here remains calm and still unlike the joyous rivers elsewhere in Kashmir.

Despite the harsh terrain, the caves in the mountains on which Ladakh is situated have evidence of human existence since Neolithic period. Ancient historians have mentioned the existence of people here. Over the years, Buddhism came here and therefore, there are more Buddhist shrines everywhere. People here wear colorful clothes and use colorful objects, possibly to compensate for lack of many colors. In any event, the colors most prominent in Buddhist temples can be seen here, especially in the seasonal fairs.

Planning a customized Ladakh tour may not be such a good idea as the language spoken here is urdu so required guidance on any Ladakh trip can be difficult. Though people are friendly, it is still better to opt for Leh Ladakh tour that many tour operators offer because a local guide accompanies and tells various things about Ladakh. These tour operators usually offer Leh and Ladakh tours in which Leh, another region near Ladakh, is also covered. Leh has several historic monuments evidencing its past glory.

Ladakh Tourist Map

Facts About Ladakh
Area 3,42,239 km2
State Jammu and Kashmir
Languages Ladakhi, Purik, Balti, English and Tibetan
Best Time to Visit Early June to October
Nearest Railway Station Jammu Tawi
Nearest Airport Leh Airport
Famous Leh palace, Shanti Stupa, The monasteries at Thiksey and Hemis Himalayas
STD Code 91-1982

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