The Mall and Ridge Hill Station

The Mall and the Ridge road form the heart of the city of Shimla. The Ridge road is located in an open space and extends east to west alongside the Mall road. The Ridge Shimla road leads to one of the popular local shops, the Lakkar bazar which is a handicrafts shop.

Talking about the Mall road Shimla, it is also a main street in Shimla and was constructed during the British rule in India. The Mall Road and Ridge Shimla are the central nerve of Shimla connecting the most important and renowned places of the city.

One of the famous shopping centres in Shimla is also a part of the strategic location of the Mall and the Ridge of Shimla. The Mall of Shimla also has many other shops, Restaurants, hotels, department stores and cafes. The Scandal Point, Gaiety Theatre and the Kali Bari temple are also a part of this indispensable road.

Hotel in Shimla Mallroad is well known for offering best amenities. Since tourism is an important part of the economy of the place special attention is given to take care of the tourism industry which of course includes the management of Hotels as well. The Shimla ridge is also an equivalently important part.

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