Shrine of Baba Reshi

he shrine of Baba Reshi is located in Baramulla District, near Ramboli village between Gulmarg and Tangmarg. Baba Reshi was in the of court of King Zain-ul-Adidi.

The Baba Reshi Shrine is dedicated to Baba Reshi which dates back to the year 1480.He was a Muslim scholar who gave up all his worldly belongings and longings to give Muslim teachings to his devotees. The shrine comprises of a huge area surrounded by lush greenery, pine and fir trees. The shrine is a result of Persian and Mughal architecture. Inside the central hall in the centre of the hall is the tomb of the Saint. The Shrine of Baba reshi in Gulmarg has many gateways to the main hall. The shrine is also famous for its internal wooden works. The right side of the hall is the worship place for woman. Here woman pray for child birth as Baba Reshi is famous for granting child wish.

The best time to visit the shrine is from March to November. The shrine is open for visitors from 9am to 5pm every day. It can be reached by local transportation like sledges, horses, field chutes. Other places visit in Gulmarg are Vernag, Gondola, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Ningli Nalla, Outer circle walk and the lush green meadows of Gulgmarg.

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