Sattal Camp

Camping is always fun. What about a desire to camp on a hill station? The Sattal camp is one such place which provides this amazing experience in the nature‚Äôs lap.

Actually Sattal is a group of seven natural lakes of which five of them are perennial in nature. The intriguing thing abouth these five lakes is that they have been named after the characters from Ramayna (Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Lakshman Tal, Hanuman Tal and Garur Tal).

Sattal Indiais bestowed with the presence of reserve forests with dense jungle and natural water which further extend the charm. SattalNainital is primarily known for the abundance on natural beauty and with the presence of few villages and historic British quarters the magnificence of the place is enhanced. Ressorts in Sattal are also well known for their unique tents and food variety. The forest resort in Uttaranchal embraces the gifts of nature and has plenty of elegant sites renown as the Sattal tourist attractions.

Along with the abundance of Sattal forest resort the place has other resting facilities as well which are equivalently capable of nourishing and embracing your tour to this place. Hotels in Sattal provide this comfort to the visitors making their stay and experience extremely memorable and cherishing one.

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