Prospect Hill

Prospect Hill brings with itself a lot more than just landscape and natural excellence. The Prospect Hill Shimla is an abode to very large religious beliefs and practices.

The Shimla Prospect Hill encompasses a temple which was built in commemoration of Goddess Kamna Devi. It is because of this religious saga the Prospect Hills observe a huge influx of followers from all over the country. It is situated at a height of approximately 2155 meters above sea level.

The view from the Prospect Hill at Shimla reveals the entire region and with an abundance of silence and calm making it a truly enlightening moment. The scenic beauty of the famous Shimla Prospect Hill is a combination of the green mountains and the passing clouds and both of them paint a picture which glues your eyes to the place and a desire of never leaving it that is indeed something special about the Shimla Prospect Hill.

The hill station in Shimla is also a pleasant experience for a normal walk. The presence of the cool breeze surrounding an extraordinary portrayal of landscape supported by the greenery brings another delightful experience making Shimla tourism and the Hill Station Shimlaalmost a fairy tale.

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