Panorama Point

Panorama Point or Panorama Point Matheran is among the famous points in Matheran and also it is a popular spot that offers an amazing view of the rising sun.

There are two other points namely the sunset point in Lonavala and the Louisa point in Matheran that are known for sunset. This point panorama Matheran is known for its spectacular view of the sunrise.

In Matheran sightseeing, panorama point is considered as the most spacious location in the peak that offers a wide-angle view of the peak. People also love to do hiking, Mountain/Rock climbing. The other Matheran tourist places that are visible from the panorama point are Navara-Navari, Chanderi, and MHAs-Mal and the Peb fort.

Also, the historic fort – Prabal fort amidst the lush and green forest can be viewed from this point. Other than the above-mentioned places tourists can also see the breathtaking view of the Porcupine point, Hart point, and the Monkey point. The Louisa point is also seen from the Panorama Point. Panorama point got its name because of all the spots that can be seen from this point. The chill, calm and the cool ambiance of this panorama point makes it the most visited tourist spot in Matheran.

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