Ningli Nallah

Ningli nallah,1km from Gulgmarh, originates from the famous mountain stream(Allapatri Nag). The history of Ningli Nallah states that it is formed out of the melting snow and ice from Apharwat peak  and Alpather Lake.

According to the Kashmiries, a Nallah means a fast moving stream on beds of pebbles. There is a bridge on the Nallah which has a walking path which leads to a lush green meadow, ideal for picnic and camping. This path leads to Khilanmarg. The Ningli has clear cold water which gets reunited with the river Jhelum near Sopur. From hotels in Gulgmarg visitors can trek to reach it, surrounded by hills and flowery meadows for a picnic or bring their own camping gear and stay overnight by the stream.

In the summer visitors can camp with the local Gujars who move with their herds on the meadows. On the right bank of the Ningli Nallah near Gulmarg are the villages of Wagoora and Kalantra. This feature of Gulmarg tourism helps in the agriculture activity of the whole area. On earlier times the water of the Nallah had medicinal value but now it is of no use due to pollution you can look online to find more information about ningli nallah.

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