Situated in the state of Kerala, almost 42 kilometers north of the city of Munnar, Marayoor is the sole place in Kerala which is home to the sandalwood forests.

Munnar Marayoor is a place which is full of enchanting beauty. The entire place is surrounded by Marayoor sandalwood forest, cave temples, rocky hills, and even waterfalls. This place is a mix of the beauty of nature and the wildlife available.

In fact, you will be able to see the carvings, caves, engravings of the Stone Age civilization here along with its rich heritage in Marayoor Munnar Idukki. Basically, if you are looking for a lesson in history and a nice adventure as well then marayoor munnar is the place to go. You can even stay at various marayoor resorts here.

In fact, there are tons of marayoor tourist places to go to, which include viewpoints, caves, and temples. You could also visit the Thoovanam waterfalls or even the Rajiv Gandhi National park which are near the Munnar marayoor. Basically Marayoor is in the Idukki district and it is one of the most important prehistoric sites which are present in Kerala in the valley Marayoor.

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