Mattupetty is a hill town located near Munnar in the Indian State of Kerala. The place is well known because of the presence of the Mattupetty Dam which is used for the conservation of water to generate hydroelectricity. It has been an indispensable tool along with other such dams in driving the economy of the State.

The perennial nature of the water flow caused by the Mattupetty dam Munnar has allowed the flora and the fauna of the region to flourish.

However, few concerns have also started to creep in with the irrigation practices reaching their peak. Questions are being raised by the environmentalists over the increasing salinity of the water caused mainly by the irrigation practices and waterlogging.

Munnar is a hill station and it is very well known throughout India for its extremely pleasing and captivating natural grace. This is one of the prominent Kerala Hill Stations and travel to Munnar Hills is a popular choice among the travelers. Munnar tour has many places of interests for the visitors and the Mattupetty dam is definitely an integral part of its tour. MattupettyMunnar is also one of the tourist spots where people generally come to visit to enjoy the calmness and elegance of nature.

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