Lonavala Sunset Point

Lonavala sunset point is a famous place from where one can watch the sunset amidst green valleys and hills and forests.

Sunset Point – Lonavala – Maharashtra is situated close to the Monkey point at about 8 Km from the railway station. Tourists who come for Lonavala sightseeing come to the sunset point Lonavala Khandala without fail, as the sightseeing is incomplete without seeing the sunset point at Lonavala.

Watching the sunset at the sunset point is a pleasure. The Clouds, the greens, the hills, the forest and the orange sun setting at the west is picture-perfect scenery. This picture is a treat to every photographer’s lens. Tourists reach the monkey point by the afternoon; spend some time at the monkey point and then reach this sunset point by the evening and enjoy the sunset at the sunset point.

One can also see the expressway, national highway, and the rail at one place when watching the sunset behind the greenish and heavily forested hills. The climate is another reason why many people prefer to come see the sunset here in this Lonavala sunset point. This place attracts tourist in all seasons, as sunset point is always there in any tourist’s itinerary.

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