Lonavala Lake

Lonavla Lake (Monsoon Lake) got its name as Monsoon Lake because it gets gushed up with water during the monsoon and gets dried out during the winter times.

Lonavala Lake – Maharashtra – India was built in the year 1876 is an attractive picturesque spot in Lonavala. Lonavala Lake makes its mark in the places to see in Lonavala because of the scenic pictures surrounding that can be made into an amazing painting and because of the wonderful looking nature.

Lake Indrayani is the source of this lake. In the list of Lonavala tourist places and what to see in Lonavala, this lake forms a primary spot, because of the water and the natural habitat formed by that water body. One can hear a lot of birds chirping and many different varieties of the birds. The scintillating beauty of this lake is full-fledged during the monsoon time. The view given to the tourists is just heavenly.

One can feel that the time runs out in no time, just by sitting and watching the majestic beauty of the Monsoon Lake. This lake is about 2 Kms from the outskirts of Lonavala. This lake is great place to relax and picnic and to enjoy some time with the nature.

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