Little Chowk Point

Little Chowk Point offers an exotic view of the beautiful and splendid ranges of Sahyadri, the town of Panvel, and three of the historic forts namely: Karnala Fort, Vishalgad Fort, and Prabal fort.

Like many other points in Matheran, Little Chowk Point Matheran has a serene and a peaceful atmosphere. Little Chowk Point India is surrounded by valleys, hills, terrains and lush green forests. Little Chowk point is one of the famous and most popular Matheran Tourist Places.

The view of all the hills and the forts are so appealing and people come to just see those points. Lots of images of the Little Chowk point can be found on the websites with tags of Little Chowk Point Photos. One can just see greens, greens, and greens everywhere.

This sight of the green forest is sure to make one get relieved of their stressful routine and forget their problems and relax. Little Chowk point has also made it to the list of what to see in Matheran. The forts with the lush and green forest as the backdrop will look as majestic as ever. The climatic condition is also cool and chilly and hence lots of tourists are attracted to this Little Chowk point.

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