Lions Point

Lions point Lonavala or Lonavala point is the best part of anybody’s Lonavala tour. After walking across the road to reach the end of the cliff, just one word remains in any one’s mind – “Wow”.

The majestic cliff gives a mouth dropping view as you can see a dozen waterfalls amidst the green forests. One major waterfall gives a prominent view from the edge of the cliff. The view is so majestic that any person would just fall in love with. Lions Point is one of the main and prominent places to see in Lonavala.

The prominent waterfall in the middle of the hill is one of the main attractions of Lonawala tourist places. Tourists can come and stay in the resorts in Lonavala. This Lonavala tourist place is extremely windy and visiting this place can be quite an adventurous and thrilling experience.

From the Lion’s point, one can have a look at the deep valleys and the Ghats. Lions point is at the ground level and is strongly fenced. Standing close to the edge of the Lion’s point will give an amazing view of nature. Enjoy the cool breeze and the pleasant air standing at the edge of the lion’s point cliff.

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