Kukal Cave

Kukal cave is situated 40 kms away from kodaikanal hill station and is the hot spot for trekkers.

There are lots of caves in the Kukal cave hills. You can see beautiful and enchanting cloud formation on top of these hills. These Kukal caves are huge monstrous caves which is wonderful sight to see. You can also see a wide variety of orchid varieties which are a treat to look at. Kodaikanal is a great spot of tourism and also houses many resorts in kodaikanal. This is to offer boarding and lodging facilities to those tourists who pour in every season to cherish the beauty of this hill station. There are various kodaikanal tourist places that are ideal to visit and fulfill all your desires to visit.

Places such as the lake of kodai that resembles a star shape, flora and fauna museum, Kurinji andavar temple, Pillar rocks, solar observatory, botanical park, silver cascade falls, fairy falls, Glen falls etc are places to visit in kodaikanal. It is one among the popular destination among Indian tourist places. It is considered as an prominent place of hill station tour as it offers a picturesque view of a beautiful greenery surrounded with mountains and lakes and waterfalls.

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