Kodai Club

Kodaikanal also known as “the Gift of the forest” or “the Princess of Hill Stations” is situated in the dindigul district of Tamilnadu State.

This place is known for its variety of flora. It is known for its hill country resort kodaikanal as there are many placed across the area. This place is known for its greenery as it is known for its scenic natural attractions. Kodai club boasts of having the most picturesque golf course. It has various courses that are covered in various acres of land.

This place is ideal for all the newlyweds and hence it is the best romantic destination for couples. This is because the place has various spots of kodaikanal tourist places such as boating, sightseeing, golfing and waterfalls. This has increased the number of tourists to this place every year. Kodaikanal is capable of accommodating many tourists per year as it has many resorts in kodaikanal. But most people prefer hill country resort kodaikanal as it provides the whole view of the enchanting and attractive Kodaikanal. The country club kodaikanal is situated amidst the green meadows, hilltops and cascading waterfalls and is considered as the best club in India as its members enjoy great privileges while visiting this queen of hills.

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