Ketty Valley

Ketty Valley or Ketti valley Ooty is a valley situated along the Ooty – Coonoor highway. It can be spelled in two different ways either as Ketty’ or ‘Ketti’.

The significance of Ketty valley in Ootyis that it stands second in the list of large inhabited valleys next to Switzerland which occupies the first place. Ketty valley view is highly promoted in Ooty tourism and it is sure to be present in the must-visit list of places titled India hill stations, Ketti valley has attracted many tourists by its breathtaking and scintillating beauty. There are many Ooty resorts that are present in the valley to accommodate the tourist and to give them a peaceful stay during their vacation.

The nature in the valley is pure and pristine and is not yet spoiled by the pollution of the cities. The serene picturesque ambiance is sure to elevate anybody’s peace of mind. This could very well be a dream location for people who want to retreat themselves from the outer world and find solace in nature and relax. The surrounding tea gardens and the fauna of the valley look green from anywhere and it incurs only positivity and positive energy in the minds of the tourists.

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