Darjeeling hill station is one of the most serene and scenic hill stations you can go to. There are many viewpoints in this hill station but the main view which you get from almost all the viewpoints is the Kanchenjunga Mountain.

These majestic mountains are truly a sight for the sore eye. The Kanchenjunga view truly does blow you away when you first see it. The best point to see the mountains from is Tiger Hill.

The Kanchenjunga Darjeeling India is one of the most well-known mountains in India. People not only come from different corners of the world to view this mountain range but they even go on Kanchenjunga trek. But if you really want a good view of the mountain range or if you want to trek high up to the top then you need to get up before sunrise and reach the viewpoints. Once the sun does rise, the Kanchenjunga mountain peaks tend to get covered by clouds, hence making the view a bit distorted. So if you can get to the viewpoints before the sun rises, then you get an absolutely breathtaking view of the majestic Darjeeling Kanchenjunga Mountains.

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