Gondola Lift

The pristine hill station of Gulmarg is truly what people call heaven on earth. Situated at an altitude of 8856.9 ft, this hill station and ski heaven is home to thousands and thousands of tourists every year.

One of the leading attractions on this hill station is the Gulmarg Gondola ride. This attraction to international as well as domestic tourists has been deemed as the world’s highest and one of the longest cable car rides in Asia. This gondola ski lift consists of two stages. Hence, tickets can be bought separately as well together at a packaged deal.

The Gulmarg gondola booking can be made in advance as well as on the stop. The trip from Gulmarg to Kongdori which is a part of the first stage is for Rs. 300 per person. The second stage of the gondola lift which is from Kongdori up to Apharwat is for Rs. 500. The gondola in Gulmarg might be a bit pricey but the view that the tourists get from it is well worth the money spent on it. Plus compared to the various other ski resorts spread out all over the globe; Gulmarg provides the same experience at a comparatively cheaper rate.

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