Deer Park Gangtok

Near the secretariat of Sikkim you will find the Deer Park Gangtok which the locals also call the Rustamji Park. This is one of the places to visit in Sikkim if you are enthusiastic about animals.

The park was named after Rustamji who was one of the Dewans of Chogyal of Sikkim. The park was opened in the 1950’s by the Gangtok tourism. it is the home to several different species of deer which are gathered from the different parts of Sikkim as well as the neighbouring states.

Other animals are also located in this park. These include cages with Himalayan Bears and even Red Pandas. One of the main attractions of this Deer Park is the erect status of Buddha. When you go for a gangtok tour and see this statue you can literally picture Buddha standing and preaching to his disciples in your mind. In fact, locals believe that this statue was erected in order to celebrate the reincarnation of Buddha has a musk deer. If you want to see deer’s near the deer park water, then the best time to visit this park would be early in the morning. There are various hotels near Deer Park where you can stay over if you want a head start.

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