Changu Lake

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is home to of one of the wonders of India, which is the Changu Lake GangtokChangu Lake literally translates into source of the lake.

“Changu” is in Bhutia language. If you want to go from Gangtok to Changu Lake it is going to be around 35 kilometres. Changu Lake Sikkim is located on the high way called Gangtok Nathu La. This lake runs for around 1 km and is pretty deep. Most locals consider this lake very sacred.

This calm and placid Changu Lake of Sikkim truly evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness inside of you. The lake stays frozen till the mid months of May. The surrounding Alpine forests also seem to add a certain charm of the Changu Lake in Sikkim. In fact, you might be able to see some wild animals near the lake that the locals call the Tsomgo Lake. This includes ducks, a variety of different birds and even red pandas. in the months of may and august you will find that the entire place is filled with blooming flowers, making the place look even more beautiful than usual. But you might just need a permit to visit the lake since it is one of the restricted areas.

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