Batasia Loop

When you visit Darjeeling, apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of the hill station an important part of tourism in Darjeeling includes the toy train ride.

The Darjeeling toy train is what the tourists from all part of the world flocks to see.  When you are in Darjeeling there are many places to stay, but if you want the true feeling of a hill station then you need to go for either of the resorts in Darjeeling. Although there are various tourist places in Darjeeling to visit, everyone usually opts for going for the toy train first.

5 kms away from the main town of Darjeeling is the batasia loop. This loop is famous because it is at this batasia loop Darjeeling that the toy train makes a 360 degree turn in its journey. The best way to visit this loop is to take the toy train; here you get to learn more about batasia loop while on the journey. But you could also opt for a cab and visit the loop. In fact, you even get to see the war memorial which was laid for all those soldiers who were lost in the war at this loop.

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