Babington Point

One of the top tourist destinations in Maharasthra is the Mahabaleshwar hill station. Adorned by breathtaking views, lush valleys, and soaring peaks; if you are on a Mahabaleshwar tour then you certainly won’t be disappointed by the beauty of nature. A tour of the entire hill station along with the rest of the sightseeing sports which are present all around the countryside will take you around two to three days hence you need to book resorts in Mahabaleshwar if you plan on staying over.

In fact, one of the most important points to go sightseeing is the Mahabaleshwar pointBabington point Mahabaleshwar is one of the hottest sightseeing spots of the tourists. Situated at a height of around 1294 meters, visitors can take in the entire beauty of the mountains from the Babington point.

In fact, there are a few binoculars situated at the point which allows you to take a closer look into the valley and the mountains and the landscapes. You can even check online for more Babington Point information, or you could check with the local Mahasashtra tourism offices. You might even find very useful discounts in those places to make your trip even better.

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