Anamudi represents the highest peak in the Western Ghats and in South India. It is located in the Indian state Kerala. It is at a height of approximately 2,695 meters above sea level.

It is generally referred to as the Elephant’s head; this is because of the resemblance of the peak to that of an Elephant’s head. Anamudi trekking is one of the most popular activities here. TheAnamudi peak is rich with varied topography. There is huge presence of the evergreen forests, teak and black-wood in the Anamudi Hills.

Munnar is very adjacent to the Anamudi Munnar peak. It is definitely one of the prominent Munnar places to visit. The Munnar tourist places generally include sites which are hilly and have pleasant weather. Ranging from the tea garden to hilly mountains the place has a lot to offer. However, the Anamudi peak trek is an experience of its own and cannot be compared with anything else.  People have always praised about the trip to Munnar primarily because of the excellent offerings it has for its tourists and travelers.

Hotels in Munnar are of excellent quality are available which further enhance the delight of the tourists while their stay in this wonderful hill station

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