Goa State Map

A trip to Goa would be an unforgettable one for those who wish to fall in a trance amidst roaring seas, sands and sun. The nostalgic scenery of this place consists of Arabian Sea laced with white beach sands, white churches, green fields with grains and grooves of coconut trees. The days are longer in Goa and nights are filled with zestful night life. This region is synonymous to tourism and a popular spot in all over India. The topographical beauty of the place is the tourist destination for a number of foreign travelers.

While planning the trip to this place one can easily locate all the popular destinations of tourist importance, with the help of Goa maps. A person can also find that this place is a combination of plateaus, mountains and coastal plains. The Districts in Goa are divided into two such as the north district and south district. Situated on the western part of India, Goa has an area of only about 3702 sq. km.

The fascinating feature about Goa is that this place caters to different levels of travelers. Apart from being the place of tourist importance, this place is also popular for its pilgrimage areas. This is owing to the number of churches here such as the St. Paul Church, Church of St. Augustine, Mary Immaculate Conception, Reis Magos Church and other such churches. Also this tourist paradise has its own fair share of temples and other religious centers. The climate of this region features moderate temperature with summers being hot and humid, winters might be extremely cold and the monsoons might be very pleasant.

This makes the tourists to flock during winter and monsoon. However you need to avoid the trip in May as it is considered to be the hottest month with scorching sun reaching up to 35° C. Usually the entire weather of Goa is hot and humid as it lies on the tropical zone. The Cities in Goa are amazing in its own way and have a special aura of charm around them. These cities enthrall the tourists with its outstanding facilities such as pristine beaches, colorful events and festivals, groovy tunes and mesmerizing flare of food. Some are also dotted with monumental structures and architectural buildings that receive a fair share of tourist’s attraction. The fascinating facts about Goa are that the place is well blended by various religious people that each religious festival is celebrated by the whole population with great pompous and joy.

Goa Map

Facts About Goa
Area 3,702 km2
Capital Panaji
Languages Konkani
Literacy 87%
Population 1,457,723
Largest City Vasco da Gama

List of all Districts in Goa

Code District Headquarters Population (2001) Area (km2)
NG North Goa Panaji 757,407 1,736
SG South Goa Margao 586,591 1,966