Bihar State Map

Bihar, the Indian State is the home of over 90 million Indians. This is the hub to various industries that makes use of rich minerals found in this region. Being the second-largest producer of India’s fruits and vegetables, Bihar is a major supplier of the same, to other states. 

The Bihar Maps would tell one that it is found in the eastern side of India. The entire region constitutes to 38,301 square miles. The state of Bihar is divided into two by the River Ganges that flows in to the region such as the Northern Bihar and the Southern Bihar.

The middle region is called as the gangetic plain. Owing to the rivers of Bihar, its soil is alluvial and fertile in all regions. There are various rivers flowing into this region such as the Kosi River, Ganges and Gandak River that makes cultivation and agriculture very easy in this soil. Apart from rivers, this region is also known widely for its earthquakes and is declared as an area of seismic activity. Apart from Himalayas, there are also various hills that are popular for its beautiful valleys and plains. When reading about the history of Bihar one might be surprised to know that it was one of the major areas of imperial power and has derived its name from the Sanskrit word “Vihara”. Also this region was the first sovereign country which did not have a King before two thousand years.

The fascinating feature about Bihar is that there are 3 different seasons such as the hot weather from March to June, cold weather from November to February and the monsoon season from July to October. Tourists throng the region during the cold weather season as it has the most pleasant climate of all times and is excellent for sightseeing. Being one of the highly populated states in India, the state has a vast population dwelling in the various villages of this region.

The cities in Bihar are highly popular for its employment opportunities and education centers. Some prominent cities present in Bihar are Patna, Gaya, Bihar Sharif, Munger, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur. There are about 37 Districts in Bihar which are managed by the deputy commissioner. There are administrative officers who are responsible for each sub division. These officers make sure that the health, welfare and education of the people in their district is taken care of, in a pretty good manner.

Bihar Map

Facts About Bihar
Area 94,163 km2
Capital Patna
Languages Hindi, Urdu, Maithili
Literacy 63.82%
Population 103,804,637
Largest City Patna

List of all Districts in Bihar

Code District Headquarters Population (2011) Area (km2)
AR Araria Araria 2,806,200 2,829
AR Arwal Arwal 699,563 4,839
AU Aurangabad Aurangabad 2,511,243 3,303
BA Banka Banka 2,029,339 3,018
BE Begusarai Begusarai 2,954,367 1,917
BG Bhagalpur Bhagalpur 3,032,226 2,569
BJ Bhojpur Arrah 2,720,155 2,473
BU Buxar Buxar 1,707,643 1,624
DA Darbhanga Darbhanga 3,921,971 2,278
EC East Champaran Motihari 5,082,868 3,969
GA Gaya Gaya 4,379,383 4,978
GO Gopalganj Gopalganj 2,558,037 2,033
JA Jamui Jamui 1,756,078 3,099
JE Jehanabad Jehanabad 1,124,176 1,569
KM Kaimur Bhabua 1,626,900 3,363
KT Katihar Katihar 3,068,149 3,056
KH Khagaria Khagaria 1,657,599 1,486
KI Kishanganj Kishanganj 1,690,948 1,884
LA Lakhisarai Lakhisarai 1,000,717 1,229
MP Madhepura Madhepura 1,994,618 1,787
MB Madhubani Madhubani 4,476,044 3,501
MG Munger Munger 1,359,054 1,419
MZ Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur 4,778,610 3,173
NL Nalanda Bihar Sharif 2,872,523 2,354
NW Nawada Nawada 2,216,653 2,492
PA Patna Patna 5,772,804 3,202
PU Purnia Purnia 3,273,127 3,228
RO Rohtas Sasaram 2,962,593 3,850
SH Saharsa Saharsa 1,897,102 1,702
SM Samastipur Samastipur 4,254,782 2,905
SR Saran Chhapra 3,943,098 2,641
SP Sheikhpura Sheikhpura 634,927 689
SO Sheohar Sheohar 656,916 443
ST Sitamarhi Sitamarhi 3,419,622 2,199
SW Siwan Siwan 3,318,176 2,219
SU Supaul Supaul 2,228,397 2,410
VA Vaishali (Akshay) Hajipur 3,495,249 2,036
WC West Champaran Bettiah 3,922,780 5,229