Bihar Location Map

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Bihar is situated in the northern part of India. If you want to know where is Bihar, then you need to check the location map of BiharBihar location map in India indicates that the state is covered by an area of 94,163 square kilometers and is the twelfth largest state in India. It is also the third most populated state in the country. The geographical area of 7.2 % is covered under forest region. Bihar is surrounded by northern part of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Nepal and Jharkhand to the east, west, north and south respectively.

With Bihar location map in hand, one can easily realise that this state is located at the Eastern region of India. River Ganga makes Bihar to form South part and North part as it divides the whole area of 38,301 square miles into two.

The mid-region that lies between the two is called the Gangetic plain which is nourished by various rivers such as Gandhak, Ganges and River Kosi which marks the prominent location of Bihar in the maps. One can also make a note of 37 districts in Bihar and find their location with the help of a Bihar location map.