Arunachal Pradesh State Map

Arunachal Pradesh is a mountainous region which is located in the north east area of the country. Facts about Arunachal Pradesh states that this region has found a special mention in the ancient literature and epics such as Kalika purana, Ramayana and the Mahabharata. When reading through the history of Arunachal Pradesh, you might be amazed to know that the early era was found in this region according to the various historical ruins found at the foot hills. The region was known previously as North East Frontier Agency or NEFA until the year 1962.

The entire area of the region is 32,333 square miles. This state has huge importance in the dispute issue between India and China. One can find through the Arunachal Pradesh Maps that the entire region is filled with valleys, ridges and plateaus. The Himalayan range is also present in this state giving it much importance than the other bordering countries. With majority of rivers running across the region such as the Brahmaputra, its tributaries such as tirap, Kameng, Subansiri, Kameng and Lohit, the entire region has abundant water supply offered by these.

The interesting feature about Arunachal Pradesh is the combination of the climate in relation to the topography of the region. The foot hill region experiences sub tropical climate while the lower valleys experiences summer climate. In the mountainous regions, it is usually cooler. This has led to an increased rate of flora and fauna which is well evident with the huge belt of rainforests present in this state. Also the mountain slopes are filled with medicinal plants that play a vital role in healing various ailments that occur every now and then. This place is also highly popular among tourists for its wild life and rare varieties of species that are near extinction.

This also makes the cities in Arunachal Pradesh remain well connected to other parts of the world. Thanks to the well knit network of roads and rails, you can travel inside this state with much ease, even though when the entire region sports a rugged and rough terrain. The villages at various elevation levels are well connected to the major cities making commutation better. There are sixteen divisions which categorizes the districts in Arunachal Pradesh for the conveyance of administration. There are seventeen districts in Arunachal Pradesh which are headed by the officer of Indian Administrative Service called the Deputy Commissioner who is in charge of its well being and safety.

Arunachal Pradesh Map

Facts About Arunachal Pradesh
Area83,743 km2
Largest CityItanagar

List of all Districts in Arunachal Pradesh

CodeDistrictHeadquartersPopulation (2001)Area (km2)
UDDibang ValleyAnini257,54323,029
EKEast KamengSeppa57,0654,134
ESEast SiangPasighat87,4304,005
LBLower SubansiriZiro97,61410,135
PAPapum PareYupia167,7502,875
TATawangTawang Town38,9242,085
USUpper SiangYingkiong33,1466,188
UBUpper SubansiriDaporijo54,9957,032
WKWest KamengBomdila74,5957,422
WSWest SiangAlong103,5758,325