Delhi to Srinagar Flights

Flights from Delhi to Srinagar

FromToFlight No.DepartureArrivalDaysAirlines
DelhiSrinagar(Via Jammu)6E 5548:00 AM10:30 AMDailyIndigo
DelhiSrinagar6E 55111:10 AM12:35 PMDailyIndigo
DelhiSrinagar6E 43512:35 PM2:05 PMDailyIndigo
DelhiSrinagar6E 5551:15 PM2:35 PMDailyIndigo
DelhiSrinagar60311:1512:35DailyJet Airways
DelhiSrinagar60311:1512:3523567Jet Airways
DelhiSrinagar60311:1512:356Jet Airways
DelhiSrinagar60311:1512:3523567Jet Airways
DelhiSrinagar60311:1512:35123567Jet Airways
DelhiSrinagar60311:1512:3523567Jet Airways
DelhiSrinagar(Via Jammu)70889:2011:50DailyJet Airways
DelhiSrinagar(Via Jammu)70889:2011:50DailyJet Airways
DelhiSrinagar(Via Jammu)70889:2011:505Jet Airways
DelhiSrinagar(Via Jammu)70889:2011:50DailyJet Airways
DelhiSrinagar70889:2010:35DailyJet Airways
DelhiSrinagarS2 502311:1512:3523567JetKonnect
DelhiSrinagarAI 082111:1513:45DailyAir India
DelhiSrinagarAI 086612:1013:30DailyAir India
Delhi (DEL)Srinagar (SXR)IT 33711:0012:30DailyKingfisher
Delhi (DEL)Srinagar (SXR)IT 33711:0512:30DailyKingfisher
Delhi (DEL)Srinagar (SXR) (Via Chandigarh, Jammu)IT 23169:3013:55DailyKingfisher
Delhi (DEL)Srinagar (SXR) (Via Chandigarh, Jammu)IT 23169:5013:55DailyKingfisher
Delhi (DEL)Srinagar (SXR)IT 335012:4514:20DailyKingfisher
Delhi (DEL)Srinagar (SXR)IT 335312:4514:20DailyKingfisher
DelhiSrinagar(SXR) (Via Jammu)G8 1938:4011:15Mon,Wed,Fri,SatGo Air
DelhiSrinagar(SXR) (Via Jammu)G8 1938:4013:10Tue,WedGo Air
DelhiSrinagar(SXR)G8 18311:3012:50DailyGo Air
DelhiSrinagar(SXR)G8 19714:0015:25DailyGo Air
DelhiSrinagar (via IXJ)SG 8518:5011:15DailySpicejet
DelhiSrinagarSG 22412:2013:50DailySpicejet

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Delhi Airport AddressSrinagar Airport Address
Airport Name: Indira Gandhi International Airport
Domestic terminal
Terminal 1-B
New Delhi-110 037
ENQUIRIES PHONE NUMBER: (91) 11 25661080
FLIGHT INFORMATION NO: (91) 11 25601000 (DOM)/ (91) 11 25602000 (INT)
Airport Name: Srinagar Airport
Domestic Terminal
Srinagar – 190 007
Tel: 91-194-2303000, 2303311

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