Agriculture in India

Agriculture is the backbone of India and its economy. Agriculture in India is the country’s essence. Majority of Indian population lives in villages, the basic units of Indian states, rely on agriculture for their living. Agricultural India is one of the vital and critical sectors that constitute the socio-economic development of the country. Indian Agriculture stands second in the world in the lists of a nation giving maximum farming output.

People around the globe know India as agriculture India and they are keen on knowing about Indian agriculture. The competition to grow quality grains and ever-changing farming scenarios warrant the introduction of technology in farming techniques. Machines and modern processes have made India agriculture to improve and increase production.

India is the largest producer of Agricultural crops in India like cashew nuts, tea, ginger, coconut, black pepper. Indian agriculture stands second in Vegetables. Production of fruits makes agriculture of India to stand in the third position when compared with the other country’s fruit productions.

India in Agriculture has accomplished lots of successful feats as she exports her surplus production of rice and wheat. With the inclusion of technology while farming, India may go on to create many feats in the world of farming output and may help strengthen the economy of the nation.

Agriculture in India

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