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Wind Power Facilities in India

India mainly relies on fossil fuels like coal for its power generation. Experts have reported that the fossil fuel resources in India will get exhausted in another 100 years or so.Therefore the government of our country started looking at alternate sources of power such as wind and solar energy.

Generation of wind power was initiated in 1990's and from then on it has witnessed considerable development. The growth of wind power generation in our country is so drastic that within a short period of time India ranks fifth in terms of wind power capacity.

Among all the states, Tamil Nadu ranks number one with generating capacity of around 6007 MW which is nearly 50 percent of total capacity generated through wind plants in India.

Government has taken all possible efforts in increasing the number of wind power plants in our country so as to ensure that there will be enough power generation for the future generations to come.

In Tamil Nadu, wind power facilities are located at Cape Comorim, Kayathar, Muppandal, Perungudi, Chennai and in few other places too.

In Andhra Pradesh, it is located in Puthlur and Hyderabad. In Gujarat it is located at Lamda and in Karnataka at Chitradurga Dist.

Wind Power Facilities

S.No. State Owner City Total Capacity(MWe)
1 Andhra Pradesh Puthlur RCI Wescare (India) Ltd. Puthlur 20
Hyderabad APSRTC Andhra Pradesh State Rapid Transit Corp. Hyderabad 10
2 Gujarat Lamda Danida Danida India Ltd. Lamda 15
3 Karnataka Jogmatti BSES BSES Ltd. Chitradurga Dist. 14
4 Kerala Ramakkalmedu Subhash Ltd. Ramakkalmedu 25
5 Madhya Pradesh Jamgudrani MP MP Windfarms Ltd. Dewas 14
6 Maharashtra Vankusawade Wind Park Suzlon Energy Ltd. Satara Dist. 259
7 Tamil Nadu Cape Comorim Aban Lloyd Chiles Offshore Ltd. Cape Comorim 33
Kayathar Subhash Subhash Ltd. Kayathar 30
Muppandal Wind Muppandal Wind Farm Muppandal 22
Gujdimangalam Gujdimangalam Wind Farm Gujdimangalam 21
Chennai Mohan Mohan Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. Chennai 15
Perungudi Newam Newam Power Company Ltd. Perungudi 12
Kethanur Wind Farm Kethanur Wind Farm Kethanur 11
Muppandal Madras Madras Cements Ltd. Muppandal 10
Poolavadi Chettinad Chettinad Cement Corp. Ltd. Poolavadi 10

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