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Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls are found to provide serene beauty to any place. Waterfalls attract many foreigners to arrange trip in India. This would really help in increasing the revenue of our country.

Waterfalls are formed due to passage of several rivers that flow across mountain and it has been technically proved that visit and taking bath in waterfalls provide many health benefits to human.

Since it passes over many plant and roots of many trees it is found to collect many ayurvedic medicines. More over falls are located in dense forest and so it provides fresh air, calm and stress free environment.

On other hand waterfalls has been utilized for various resources like production of hydroelectricity and agriculture.

India being agricultural country, this seems to be more important resource for formers. On production of hydro electricity the kinetic energy of water falling from several meters is utilized for generation of electric power.

The waterfalls in India have to be maintained properly for further utilization. Tada (Ubbalamdugu) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Dudhsagar Falls in Goa, Barkana Falls,

Kalhatti Falls, Sivasamudram Falls (Cauvery Falls), Unchalli Falls (Lushington Falls) in the state of Karnataka and Kutralam Falls in Tamil Nadu are few of the famous waterfalls in India.

Indian Waterfalls

S.No. State Waterfall Height (in feet)
1 Andhra Pradesh Tada (Ubbalamdugu) NA
2 Goa Dudhsagar Falls 1,017 feet
3 Karnataka Barkana Falls 850 feet
Jog Falls 829 feet
Kalhatti Falls 400 feet
Keppa Falls 380 feet
Kudumari Falls 300 feet
Kunchikal Falls 1,493 feet
Magod Falls 650 feet
Muthyala Maduvu Waterfall 300 feet
Hebbe Falls 551 feet
Koosalli Falls 380 feet
Chunchanakatte Falls NA
Dudhsagar Falls NA
Gersoppa Falls NA
Bennehole Fals 230 feet  
Abbey Falls NA
Arisina Gundi Falls NA
Emmeshirla Falls NA
Godchinamalaki Falls NA
chunchi Falls 250 feet
shimsa Falls  300 feet
Varapoha Falls  60 metres
Sathodi Falls 50 feet
Irupu Falls  NA
Koosalli Falls   380 feet 
Manikyadhara Falls  NA
Mekedaatu (Goat's Leap)  NA
Sivasamudram Falls (Cauvery Falls) 320 feet
Unchalli Falls (Lushington Falls) 116 metres
4 Kerala Meenmutty Falls 984 feet
Soochipara Falls 656 feet
Adyanpara Falls NA
Vazhachal Falls NA
Athirappilly Falls 80 feet
Meenmutty Falls 984 feet
Soochipara Falls 656 feet
Palaruvi Falls  NA
Thusharagiri Falls  NA
5 Tamil Nadu Kiliyur Waterfall 300 feet
Thalaiyar Falls 975 feet
Kutralam Falls 167 mts
Agaya Gangai  NA
Amirthi falls   NA
Anju Veedu  NA
Ayyanar Falls  NA
Bamen Falls  NA
Bear Shola Falls  NA
Catherine falls  NA
Elk falls  NA
Fairy Falls   NA
Glen Falls -  NA
Hogenakal Falls   20 metres
Kalikesam falls  NA
Koraiyar Falls  NA
Kovai Kutralam  NA
Kumbakkarai Falls  NA
Kuthiraiyar Falls NA
Kutralam Falls  167 metres 
Aintharuvi - Five Falls  NA
Chitraruvi - Small Falls  NA
Pazhathotta Aruvi - Fruit Garden Falls or Orchid Falls  NA
Pazhaya Courtallam - Old Falls  NA
Peraruvi - Main Falls  NA
Puli Aruvi - Tiger Falls  NA
Puthu Aruvi - New Falls or Palaruvi - Milk Falls  NA
Shenbaga Devi Falls  NA
Thenaruvi - Honey Falls  NA
Mangalam Aruvi (Mangalam falls) NA
Mayil Uthu Falls   NA
Monkey Falls   NA
Neptune Falls  NA
Pambar Falls NA
Periyar Falls   NA
Pudur Megan Falls Kalrayan Hills  NA
Pykara falls Nelgiris  NA
Sengupathi Falls  NA
Silver Cascade  NA
Siruvani Waterfalls NA
Skamba Falls NA
Snake Falls   NA
Suruli Falls  150 feet
Thakkam thootam falls  NA
Tirparappu Water Falls  300 feet
Thirumoorthy Falls  NA
Thoovanam falls or Dhuvanam falls  1400 feet (elevation)
Vaideki Falls   NA
Vattaparai Falls  NA
Marina Waterfall Artificial waterfall     34 feet
Marina Waterfall Artificial waterfall     34 feet
6 Mysore Cauvery Falls 320 feet 
Shivanasamudra Falls NA
7 Maharashtra Kune falls 656 feet
Pandavgad Falls 350 feet
Marleshwar Falls, Devrukh  NA
8 Jharkhand Ghaghri Falls 320 feet
Lodh Falls 468 feet
Hundru Falls 320 feet
Jonha Falls NA
Dasam Falls 144 feet
Hirni Falls NA
Panch Ghagh NA
9 Chhattisgarh Teerathgarh Falls 300 feet
Chitrakot Falls 100 feet
10 Himachal Pradesh Palani Falls 492 feet 
Bundla Falls 328 feet
11 Madhya Pradesh Rajat Prapat Falls 350 feet
Chachai Falls 427 feet
Gatha Falls 300 feet
Keoti Falls 427 feet
Patalpani Falls     200 feet
12 Mizoram Vantawng Falls 750 feet
13 Uttaranchal Kempty Falls 40 feet
14 Meghalaya Beadon Falls 394 feet 
Bishop Falls 443 feet 
Kynrem Falls 1,000 feet
Langshiang Falls 1,107 feet
Nohsngithiang Falls 1,035 feet
Nohkalikai Falls 1,100 feet
Sweet Falls 315 feet
Elephant Falls  NA
Crinoline Falls  NA
Margaret Falls  NA
Spread Eagle Falls NA
15 Orissa Barehipani Falls 1,309 feet
Duduma Falls 516 feet
Joranda Falls 492 feet
Khandadhar Falls 800 feet
waterfall near Buguda NA

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