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Uttarakhand Location Map


Uttarakhand Location Map

Uttarakhand Location Map
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If one does have a question where is Uttarakhand then they can find an answer to this question with the location map of this state. It would explain that Uttarakhand is a state situated at the
northern region in India. The state was formed on 9th November 2000 and is famous for the beautiful Himalayas, Terai and Bhabhar.

The Uttarakhand location map in India shows that it is surrounded to the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region, to the east by Nepal, to the south by state of Uttar Pradesh and to the northwest by Himachal Pradesh. The location map of Uttarakhand depicts two divisions of the state namely Kumaon and Garhwal.

The Uttarakhand location map shows that the state is covered over an area of about 51,125 square kilometres wherein 93% of the area is covered by the mountains. 64% of the area is said to be covered by the forests. The Himalayas form an essential part of the region as stated by the maps and the region lies along the northern part of India. The location map would also let you know that there are 13 districts in this region which are well connected by the various modes of well planned transport.

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