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Uttar Pradesh Location Map


Uttar Pradesh Location Map

Uttar Pradesh Location Map
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Uttar Pradesh is an Indian state that is situated in northern part of India. The state was formed as United Provinces on 1 April 1937 which was renamed in 1950 as Uttar Pradesh. The capital of Uttar
Pradesh is Lucknow while the industrial and economic capital of the state is Kanpur. The Uttar Pradesh location map in India shows that it is covered over an area of 243,290 square kilometres.

The location map of Uttar Pradesh indicates that it is surrounded by Nepal and the Himalayas to the north. While you are planning a vacation trip to Nagaland, you would have a doubt such as where is Uttar Pradesh? You can easily find its location through a map which would offer a lot of details such as the location, the demographics and the details of their population. Uttar Pradesh state is covered with mountains and plains.

The Ghagra plain, Ganges plain, Gangetic plain is located in the north, and the Terai plains are distinctly different from the hilly areas. The plateau region and Vindhya Range are situated in the south as per the Uttar Pradesh location map. Through this map, the location of Uttar Pradesh is also clearly visible and also has 75 districts.

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