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Tripura District Map

Tripura Map
Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However is not responsible for its correctness or authenticity.
The Tripura map shows that this state lies in the north-eastern part of India. Map of Tripura is bordered by Bangladesh, Mizoram and Assam. The capital of this third smallest state in
India is Agartala. The Tripura road map shows clearly that the state occupies 10,486kms. The map of Tripura state distinctly shows the hill ranges Sakham Tlang, Bara Mura and Athara Mura.

The official languages of the state are Bengali and Kokborok. From the district map of Tripura, it is evident that the state is divided into four districts, Dhalai, West Tripura, North Tripura, and South Tripura. The Tripura map in India indicates clearly that agriculture is the major occupation of the population. Pulses, jute, sugarcane jackfruit, teak, bamboo are few major agricultural outputs of the state.

The Tripura railway map came into existence as late as 2009. The railway route in Tripura was established only after 2009. Few important junctions are Dharmanagar, Kumarghat and Agartala. The total railroad length across the state is approximately 153kms.

The Tripura political map provides information about the various places of tourist interest, some of them being wildlife sanctuaries like Rowa, Trishna and Gunti. Other places of tourist attractions are Unakoti, Neermahal palace, Pilak, Venubari Vihar etc. Undoubtedly Tripura is a huge wildlife reserve of natural ambience and beauty.

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