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Visakhapatnam Tourist Places

Vishakhapatnam is the port city of India and is also known as Vizag. The place is located in the southeast coast of India. It is the third largest city in Andhra in terms of population. About Vishakhapatnam one can say that it is a home to various industrial activities and is an important contributor to the Indian economy.

The Vishakhapatnam tourism has grown over the years and has attracted tourists from all around the world.  With a number of tourist attractions including tourist places such as the beaches, hill tops, museums, cultural heritage it is expected to contribute more to the tourism industry of the country.

The Vishakhapatnam map gives a good indication of the geography of the place and the importance of different places in the demographics. The Vishakhapatnam port is also very famous and is important to the country from the commercial importance point of view. The most interesting thing about the Vishakhapatnam airport is that it is the busiest international airport with daily flights connecting various places.

The Hotel in Vishakhapatnam is also a critical part form the tourism growth point of view. They continue to gratify the travellers from all around the world with their incessant improvement in the service offerings.

Visakhapatnam Tourist Map

Facts About Visakhapatnam
Area 544 km2
State Andhra Pradesh
Languages Telugu, Hindi, English
Best Time to Visit Oct - Mar
Nearest Railway Station Visakhapatnam
Nearest Airport Visakhapatnam Airport
Famous Submarine Museum, Naval Museum, Kambalakonda Nature Park, Araku Valley, Ramakrishna Beach, Rushikonda Beach, Kailasa Giri, Borra Caves
STD Code 91-891

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