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Uttara Kannad Tourist Places

Uttara Kannada or Uttar Kannad is one of the districts in the State of Karnataka, India. This district is located towards the north of this state. In Hindi and many other local languages, the word “Uttar” means North. The British were not good at pronouncing many of the local words, and therefore, Uttar Kannad became North Canara or North Kanara for them.

This district lies in Konkan region of the country which is very picturesque and hilly region. The Arabian sea on its west is one of the many attractions here.  This region has a lot of historic monuments because there is evidence that it was ruled by Hindu kings as far back as 325 AD. Hoysalas who built several temples and are renowned for their contribution to ancient architecture, in particular the carved statutes of women ruled this place as did Chalukyas, and Rashtrakulas. This place is also worth visiting for its long strip of beach which varies in dimensions. There are forts, and there are a few hilly places for walking and trekking. The place has many temples as well.

Tourists can use Uttara Kannada map to plan their itinerary. Kannada maps of Karnataka may offer more details but perhaps it is would be better to opt for English map of Uttara Kannada. The place looks truly charming because of the Sahyadri hills, and the sea. The roads are lined with local trees. Much of the surroundings have remained in pristine conditions.

Munnar Tourist Map

Facts About Munnar
Area 10,291 km2
State Karnataka
Languages Kannada, Konkani and Marathi
Best Time to Visit Throughout the year
Nearest Railway Station Uttara Kannada
Nearest Airport Goa International Airport, Mangalore International Airport and Belgaum Airport
Famous Magod Waterfalls,Shivagange falls,Satoddi falls,Jog falls,Om Beach,Kavala Caves,Kodasalli Dam
STD Code 91-838x

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