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Samode(Palace/Haveli/Bagh) Tourist Places

Samode Haveli in Jaipur is also known as Samode Palace, or Samode Bagh. This is actually a large palace that is now operated like a heritage hotel. Contemporary facilities like Spa, steaming room, and swimming pool are available in this hotel. However, Wi-Fi is not provided right up to the rooms, so those who want to use this facility have to essentially use it in the hotel’s sitting area. The rooms in samod are quite large because of which they seem very spacious.

The ornate furniture in these rooms blends with the overall regal ambience of the hotel.  Bathrooms are also spacious and lined with marble tiles. Even the dining room is very majestic, and has some very old paintings displayed on its walls.There are large well maintained grounds, and cuisine served at this hotel includes traditional as well as continental fare. Samode Haveli is located in Jaipur’s Gangapole region, which is rather crowded part of the city. The entry into this hotel is not very impressive, but that should not disappoint those who arrive here because the grandeur of the hotel located after a flight more than makes up for the inconspicuous presence on the Gangapole road.

Those who cannot climb stairs might have slight difficulty at this hotel because it has no elevators. Other facilities in Samode hotel are comparable to the best luxury hotels in the city.

Samode Palace/Haveli Tourist Map

Facts About Samode Palace/Haveli
State Rajasthan
Languages Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English
Best Time to Visit August - November and February - April
Nearest Railway Station Jaipur Railway Station
Nearest Airport Jaipur International Airport
Famous Samode palace, Samode haveli, Samode bagh, Fort of Sheograrh, Shekhawati
STD Code 91-141

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