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Qutub Minar Tourist Places

Delhi Qutub Minar has been declared as heritage site by the UNESCO. This structure was constructed in 1192 as per the orders of Qutab-ud-din Aibak. However, it was his successor, Iltumish, who is credited with completing this architectural marvel. The Qutub minar, which is often spelt as Qutab minar or even as Kutub minar, remained as one of the tallest structure to be ever constructed.  It is primarily a minaret, i.e., it does not contain any residential chambers above, other than balconies for viewing all around.

Qutub minar’s height is about 237.8 ft. Redstone is used to make this minaret. One of the important facts about qutub minar is that some parts of it belong to 4th century AD. There are Sanskrit inscriptions of that era to prove this fact. Similarly other evidences prove that this historic monument was constructed on what might have been ruins of a citadel that was once ruled by Hindus. The minar itself has neat carvings on the fluted stone. These carvings are verses from Holy Koran. Architecture of qutub minar in Delhi resembles the architecture of similar minarets in Afghanistan. The structure was possibly used as tower for watching around.

There is an ancient mosque as well, but many people come here because of a superstition associated with an Iron pillar. People believe that if they can put their arms around it, and the fingers of one hand touch the other, then the circle is complete, and they will have their wish granted by the almighty.

Qutub Minar Tourist Map

Facts About Qutub Minar
State Delhi
Languages Hindi, Punjabi, English
Best Time to Visit October to March
Nearest Railway Station Nizammuddin Station
Nearest Airport Indira Gandhi International Airport,Delhi
Famous Qutab complex, tomb of Iltutmish, Quwwat-ul-Islam, Alai Minar
STD Code 91-11

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