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Panchgani Tourist Places

Panchgani can possibly be described as Mahabaleshwar’s twin, though not an identical twin. It is, therefore, a hill station, that lies close to Mahabaleshwar, which is a popular hill Station on Sahyadri hills. Funnily, the rainy season here is unpredictable, and lasts for almost 9 months, i.e., it starts around June, and may end around February. Therefore, the five hilly plateaus that form Panchgani are usually covered with thick vegetation. In rainy season, the slopes appear to be covered with thick carpet that has several shades of greens and yellow, apart from dark browns of damp wood and lighter browns of some wild shrubs.

The few rays of sun that peep from the clouds and fall on this wet natural carpet offer an exceptionally beautiful view.  Sydney Point is one such location in Panchgani that seems heavenly.  The river Krishna starts from Sahyadri hills and flows near Panchgani, making this naturally endowed hill station still more beautiful. British rulers bought a few trees from western countries, which have grown well in this part of the world as well, and are rarely found in India.

There are many resorts in Panchgani offering contemporary facilities. Most resorts in Panchangani are cheap and inexpensive. Mahabaleshwar resorts are also located close this hill station which came into prominence during British rule. Panchgani hotels offer local delicacies, which are worth a try. Finding affordable hotel in Panchgani is usually not difficult for last moment travelers, partly because Mahabaleshwar hotels or Pune hotels do become the other alternatives.  It is also possible to book an accommodation in Panchgani through online websites or tour operators.

Panchgani Tourist Map

Facts About Panchgani
Area 6 km2
State Maharashtra
Languages Marathi, Hindi and English
Best Time to Visit Oct - May
Nearest Railway Station Wathar
Nearest Airport Pune
Famous Rajapuri Caves, Kamalgad Fort, Sydney Point, Table Land, Parsi Pointl
STD Code 91-2168

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