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Gulmarg Tourist Places

India truly offers almost all types of tourist destinations be they beaches, mountains, gardens, historic destinations, architectural destinations, pilgrim destinations, or snow laden skiing options. You name it India has them, albeit, the facilities may be lacking a bit, but the costs are considerably lower as well.

Gulmarg travel needs to be included in the itinerary of those who love skiing on snow. Basically Gulmarg is a small hill station. It is an ancient town that once belonged to Hindus and was taken over by Moghal Empire and finally reached the hands of British, who handed it over to India at the time of independence. This brief history about Gulmarg leaves a lot unsaid. 

Most people, however, come to this hill station because they want to see snow fall, or ski in winters rather see the historic places. Like in Switzerland, there is a cable car operating here as well. The narrow pathway of Gulmarg looks very picturesque from the height of these Gulmarg gondolas as do the snow capped mountains everywhere.  In summers, this town offers golfing options.

Finding an accommodation in Gulmarg for staying can be a problem even though this hill station has been around for several hundred years. However, it is possible to book a hotel in Gulmarg using the Internet.

Gulmarg Tourist Map

Facts About Gulmarg
Area 3 km2
State Jammu and Kashmir
Languages Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi
Best Time to Visit March - Oct
Nearest Railway Station Jammu Tawi
Nearest Airport Srinagar
Famous Alpathar Lake, Khilanmarg, Shiva Temple, St. Mary's Church, Ferozpore Nallah, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
STD Code 91-1954

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