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Goa Tourism

Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India. It is located in the southern part of the country and attracts huge number on international tourists. Goa tourism has grown and developed a lot in the recent past as a result of the open culture which it prevails.

There are number of places to visit in Goa which include some magnificent beaches along with the numerous churches. There are museums present as well which exhibit a lot about the historical heritage of the place.

There exists religious harmony in the place despite of the fact that the people belong from different religion. Though the customs and traditions are different but the unity is palpable which makes the Goa tourism and vacations a wonderful experience.

Tourism in Goa has had praise from all the visitors and the Goa beaches have gained the maximum attraction. The tourist places in Goa also include historical places and some really important religious places. Dance and music, theatre and food further enhance the already enthusiastic and cordial culture of the people of Goa.

Rice and fish is the staple of Goa, apart from that there are number of other variants of sea food which draws a large number of people to gratify their taste buds.

list of all Tourist Places in Goa

Goa Beaches    |    Arvalam Waterfall    |    Chapoli Dam    |    Goa Churches    |    Mangeshi Temple    |    Mahalaxmi Temple
Baga Beach    |    Agonda Beach    |    Anjuna Beach

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Facts About Goa
Area 3,702 km2
State Goa
Languages Konkani, English, Marathi, Hindi
Best Time to Visit October to February
Nearest Railway Station Vasco da Gama
Nearest Airport Dabolim Airport
Famous Beaches, Forts, Wildlife, Temples, Churches, Festivals, Handicrafts
STD Code

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