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Chidiya Tapu Tourist Places

No tour to Andaman would be complete without a visit to Chidiya Tapu, which is a naturally blessed part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This hillocks bound village is located at a distance of 25 kms from Port Blair, i.e., the capital of Andaman The word “bird” is “chidiya” in Hindi. Therefore, this place is full of birds. There are more than 40 species of birds that come here in different seasons including emerald dove, white bellied sea eagles, scarlet minivet, imperial green pigeons, etc. Therefore, the island would be a source of delight to people who love birds and pets.

Other tourist haunts in Chidiya tapu include Munda Pahar beach, Chidiya Tapu beach, Sylvan sands, and Chidiya Tapu’s biological park. The flora and fauna of Chidiya Tapu are almost pristine. The sunsets and dawn here would inspire poetry out of anybody. Nature lovers would love the trees and the abundance of greenery all around.

Since Chidiya Tapu is not very far from Port Blair, most people stay at Port Blair and visit this beautiful village. Those who would prefer to stay overnight have an option to stay at a guest house run by Forest department. The view from this guest house is exotic. However, prior booking is absolutely essential. People can also see how elephants do heavy labor out here. The island is famous for exquisite shell craft.

Chidiya Tapu Tourist Map

Facts About Chidiya Tapu
State Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Languages Nicobarese, Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali
Best Time to Visit October and April
Nearest Railway Station Chennai
Nearest Airport Vir Savarkar International Airport,Port Blair
Famous Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, Chidiya Tapu Beach, the Sylvan Sands, Munda Pahar beaches
STD Code 91-3192

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